At the moment, the Center integrates two scientific units:


Coordinator: Mário Paulo Martins Viana

Scientific fields: Anthropology, Culture, Education, Philosophy, History, Literature, Linguistics, Mathematics, Architecture and Painting.


Objectives of the scientific unit:

  1. To explore the multidimensional character of the humanities (critical, creative and emotional), considering the domains of Science, Culture and the Arts;
  2. To promote the various dimensions of reason, theoretical, practical and poetical, indispensable to the scientific and technological advancement of a developed society grounded upon tradition and humanist values;
  3. To assist, through the research developed, the teaching and the exercise of “good thinking”, understood as a fundamental competence of a culturally dynamic society;
  4. To host conferences, colloquia, symposia and other scientific gatherings on themes of interest to the unit, at the national and international levels;
  5. To organize courses, seminars and workshops with the business sector, since the capacities developed in the field of humanistic studies potentiate the capacities of critical reasoning and creative thinking, so necessary in professionals from all fields.




Coordinator: Carlos E. Pacheco Amaral

Scientific fields: Euro-Atlantic Studies, Political Science, Human Rights, Literature, Philosophy, History, International Relations, Anthropology

Objectives of the Scientific Unit:

  1. To think the transatlantic relationship and the roles that Portugal, and the Azores, may play in it;
  2. To promote the understanding of the political and economic systems in which international relations unfold, including the history and theory of the State, the regional processes of integration, in particular in the European space and in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries and international relations, in general;
  3. To study regional, Azorean, national, Portuguese, and civilizational, European and Western culture and identity;
  4. To understand the history and the political organization of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, its integration in Portugal, in the European Union and in the international system;
  5. To foment studies son Insularity and regional autonomy in Europe.